My Review: 3 Day Juice Cleanse (2024) – Does It Help With Detox?

It's time to review 3 Day Juice Cleanse, which is a very interesting product.

But is it worth trying?:

  • quite pricey
  • doesn't work amazingly
  • very hard to take

If you're curious about this product, let's live deeper into it, in this review.

Note: This review is based on my opinion + research on 3 Day Juice Cleanse.

Review Summary

Full Name: 3 Day Juice Cleanse by CLEANSE on the go

Product Type: Detox/Colon Cleanser Supplement

Best Actual Price: About $65

Cheapest Place To Buy: Its official website

Designed For: Detoxifying and cleansing the body

My Rating: 4 out of 10

Recommended?: No – it's an interesting product, but it has many problems:

  • expensive for its value
  • only works in some cases
  • causes several side effects

Are you looking for a more potent product?

I strongly advise you to look into this much better detox/colon cleansing supplement instead.


What I Liked About It

  • Formulated as a juice (not as a supplement)
  • Easy to take, since it's a liquid
  • Several authentic customer reviews available


What I Didn’t Like About It

  • Extremely hard to take (7 times a day)
  • Quite expensive for its quality
  • Works only for some people
  • Can trigger certain side effects
  • Shipping and packaging complaints



3 Day Juice Cleanse In A Nutshell

Firstly – the 3 Day Juice Cleanse isn't the typical detox product.

In fact, it's a juice blend designed for general body cleansing:

  • Awakening
  • Detox
  • Revival
  • Vitality

You only need to dissolve it in water and that's it – so it's very easy to take.

However, that's just an initial impression.

That's because it requires that you take it 7 times a day (1-3 days)

Honestly, that's incredibly inconvenient.

And there's more on the negative side:

  • not the safest detox product out there
  • only works in some cases
  • several complaints from previous buyers

Not to mention that it's very expensive, since it costs $65.

Besides, you only need to take it for 3 days at most – so you pay $65 for a 3 days supply.

That sounds like a big joke to me, to be honest.



#1 – How It Works & Producer

Here are the basic things you should know about 3 Day Juice Cleanse:

  • how it works internally
  • who is the producer behind it
  • the health concerns it helps
1. How It Works

If you ask me, there isn't too much general info given out on this product.

The 3 Day Juice Cleanse claims to cleanse the body.

First of all – it's a juice powder, not a supplement.

Now – there's a plan that you need to follow on a day-to-day basis.

But we're going to talk in detail about how to use it in the lines below.

Other than that, it claims to be free of:

  • sugar and caffeine
  • artificial ingredients
  • gluten
  • soy and dairy

Honestly – the product is pretty straightforward.

I simply wish there were more info about how exactly it works and its mechanism of action.

Since it claims to work in 3 days, it's probably very concentrated.

That's the reason why I don't have 100% trust in it.

2. Company Behind

CLEANSE on the go is the producer of 3 Day Juice Cleanse.

I searched for some info about and here's what I found out:

  • is a family-owned business
  • only sells this Juice Cleanse as its product
  • contact info includes a phone number and a contact page

Now – the product has a lot of reviews on Amazon, so it's not a scam.

That's simply because many people tried it and they received their orders normally.

But overall – I'm not a huge fan of it, despite the legitimate company.


#2 – Ingredients (7 out of 10)

The 3 Day Juice Cleanse includes 4 juices in its plan:

  1. Awakening
  2. Detox
  3. Revival
  4. Vitality

Let's take a look at the first 2:

And coming up, here are the next 2:

Now, each powder drink contains several compounds:

  • vitamins and minerals
  • a specific blend of fruits (different for each juice)
  • a cleansing blend

So far – they all have a unique composition, which you can't find in their competitors.

But products like these can't be called natural.

There are lots of processes and additives added to powder the fruits.

So in terms of being healthy and organic, these juices look terrible.

Now – let's see the benefits and ingredients of each juice mix.

The first 2 ingredient types (Cleanse Blend & Vitamins/Minerals) are mutual in all of them.

But each juice also contains a specific blend (Awakening, Detox, Revival & Vitality).

So we're going to analyze them as well, after the 2 mutual ingredients.

1. Cleanse Blend

As I said, all of the 4 juices have this Cleanse Blend.

It contains the following ingredients:

  1. Dandelion Root – lowers the risk of liver diseases
  2. Monk Fruit – has some anti-inflammatory properties
  3. Ginger Root – removes unwanted bacteria [1]
  4. Turmeric Root – helps with different skin conditions [2]
  5. Milk Thistle Seed – reduces free radical damage in the liver [3]
  6. Yellow Dock Root – cleanses body from toxins

In other words – it's a blend designed to enhance the effect of the other ingredients from these juices.

So it's not that powerful on its own.

2. Vitamins + Minerals

Here are the vitamins and minerals present in all 4 juices:

  1. Vitamin A – contributes to growth and development
  2. Calcium – absorbs toxins from the body [4]
  3. Vitamin C – contains some powerful antioxidants [5]
  4. Iron – preserves the body's vital functions
  5. Vitamin D – increases calcium absorption inside the body [6]
  6. Potassium – regulates fluid balance and nerve signals
  7. Sodium – maintains the proper balance of water and minerals [7]

These are all promising ingredients.

So they make some good additions to each juice blend.

3. Awakening Blend

One of the 3 Day Juice Cleanse blends is the Awakening blend.

Here are the ingredients included in it:

  1. Mango Fruit – promotes a healthy gut [8]
  2. Banana Fruit – helps flush out the toxins
  3. Pineapple Fruit – protects the body from damage and disease [9]
  4. Strawberry Fruit – cleanses out the digestive system
  5. Apple Fruit – provides fibers and antioxidants [10]

Obviously – it's composed of natural ingredients (at least that's what it claims).

Its goal is to awaken your system and increase energy.

4. Detox Blend

The next blend is called the Detox and its name speaks for itself.

It's composed of the following substances:

  1. Barley Grass Juice – alleviates inflammation
  2. Blueberry Fruit – reduces the risk of heart disease [11]
  3. Strawberry Fruit – normalizes bowel movement
  4. Apple Fruit – improves overall health
  5. Blackberry Fruit – fights off free radicals [12]
  6. Raspberry Fruit – helps maintain proper hearth function [13]

Based on the ingredients list, it really focuses on detoxifying the body.

5. Revival Blend

Now – the Revival Juice blend has the following compounds in it:

  1. Beet Root Juice – helps iron deficiency and anemia
  2. Strawberry Fruit – improves proper bowel movement
  3. Acai Berry Fruit – promotes healthy metabolism [14]
  4. Apple Fruit – lessens the risk of having cancer [15]

Basically – these substances focus on reviving your body system.

They are known to uplift energy and increase the mood.

6. Vitality Blend

Lastly – the Vitality juice contains these ingredients:

  1. Carrot Root Juice – protects cardiovascular health [16]
  2. Sweet Potato – promotes good gut health [17]
  3. Pumpkin – facilitates absorption of nutrients
  4. Spinach – decreases oxidative stress [18]
  5. Beet Root Juice – increases muscle strength

If you ask me, these fruits and vegetables are present in most of our meals.

So the extracts from this juice are guaranteed to help our body.

That especially when it comes to prolonging our life.


Overall, the 3 Day Juice Cleanse has a lot of promising ingredients.

So it looks all-natural, at first sight.

But honestly, I seriously doubt it's a clean product.

To me, it looks extremely processed already – so I wouldn't consider it organic (not even close to that). 


#3 – Consistency & Dosage (5 out of 10)

Here are the most interesting things about the 3 Day Juice Cleanse.

1. Consistency

As I mentioned, the 3 Day Juice Cleanse has a different approach.

Let me describe it to you:

  • formulated as a powder
  • small like a herbal supplement
  • different colors of this powder

It looks like a typical juice drink, if you're familiar with some.

But basically – you have to drink the liquid, so it may be easier to take than a supplement.

2. Dosage

This 3 Day Juice Cleanse has a very difficult schedule.

Here's the plan for how you should take it.

You need to dissolve it in water and follow the schedule below:

  1. Take the Awakening Blend at 7 am.
  2. Follow it by drinking Detox Blend at 9 am.
  3. For brunch (around 11 am), take Vitality Blend.
  4. At 1 pm, you need to drink Revival Blend again.
  5. Then you need to take Awakening Blend at 3 pm.
  6. Vitality Blend at 5 pm is the next step.
  7. The last step is to drink Revival Blend at 7 pm.

Honestly, these instructions sound like a joke.

You actually need to take these juices seven times a day, which is almost impossible.

The good part is that you only need to do this for 1, 2 or 3 days (it's your choice).

But even so, I still feel like it's impossible to follow.

Not to mention that this kind of program tends to promote an aggressive detox.

To be honest, that's not too healthy.

So I wouldn't recommend 3 Days Juice Cleanse at all.



#4 – Results (6 out of 10)

Luckily – the 3 Day Juice Cleanse has mixed reviews.

This means it will give us a lot of perspectives on how it works. 

Note: I only analyzed authentic reviews, not promotional or fake ones.

1. Positive Opinions

I mentioned that the 3 Day Juice Cleanse has its own website.

But I will feature the reviews on Amazon, because they are brutally honest.

These are the things previous users liked about it:

  1. Most customers experienced less bloating and constipation.
  2. Others said their stomach became flatter.
  3. Some mentioned that it tastes good and it's easy to take.
  4. The rest stated that they felt more cleansed and detoxified.
  5. A few of them said that they are more energetic than ever.

Now, I'm quite surprised that it only received 3.9/5 stars.

Based on the reviews, it seems to have worked for a lot of people.

So I was expecting it to get a higher rating.

But if you look at its complaints, you will surely understand why the numbers aren't higher.

2. Negative Opinions

The 3 Day Juice Cleanse has a pretty big negative side as well.

Here's the negative feedback it received:

  1. A lot of customers said that it's very pricey for its quality.
  2. Some mentioned that it didn't do anything.
  3. Others received incomplete or wrong products.
  4. There were also some comments about how bad and grainy it tasted.
  5. Few people experienced the opposite of what it claims.

As I mentioned, this product won't work for all.

In fact, it seems like a lot of people were very disappointed with it.

So it's definitely not as effective as it claims to be.


To summarize – the 3 Day Juice Cleanse garnered a lot of reviews.

Some previous customers felt its positive effect.

But there were a lot more people who saw absolutely no improvement (after struggling to follow its weird schedule).

That's why I suggest you to look for a real supplement that works in real life.




#5 – Side Effects (3 out of 10)

If you ask me, I found some complaints about this product.

The 3 Day Juice Cleanse caused some adverse reactions in its previous customers.

Here are some of the side effects I found:

  • weight gain
  • intense hunger
  • headache and dizziness
  • gagging and vomiting
  • low energy and nausea
  • stomach cramping
  • diarrhea and bloating
  • allergic reactions

Now, detox products tend to cause nausea and digestive issues in general.

That's simply because they cleanse your body.

But this product has way more side reactions.

If it really was a natural drink (as it claims), it shouldn't be so poorly tolerated.

So you really need to take note of these adverse reactions.

It's simply not an easy product.

Given all the effort you need to take it correctly, I just don't think it's worth it.



#6 – Price (3 out of 10)

Unfortunately – the 3 Day Juice Cleanse is quite pricey.

For its real quality, it's not the most practical option.

1. The Exact Price

The lowest price of the 3 Day Juice Cleanse is on its website.

Let me list down the prices available at this point:

  • 1 Day Cleanse costs $29.95
  • 2 Day Cleanse costs $54.95
  • 3 Day Cleanse costs $64.95
  • Offers free shipping in some areas

Again – the maximum days of cleansing are 3 days.

But even if you take this product for 3 days, it may not work for you at all.

That was the case of lots of people, so consider this possibility.

That's why spending $65 on it is way too much.

For what it contains, I consider it rather overpriced.

Not to mention that it's not even an organic/natural product.

2. Competitors’ Price

If I were you, I would try the best colon cleansing product I know.

The supplement I'm talking about is Colon Detox Plus:

  1. Colon Detox Plus contains some natural ingredients and herbal extracts.
  2. It's a real supplement that focuses on detoxifying and cleansing the colon.
  3. The 3 Day Juice Cleanse has a more artificial composition.
  4. It is formulated as a powder drink for 1 to 3 days.
  5. Colon Detox Plus requires only 2 capsules per day.
  6. The 3 Day Juice Cleanse suggests taking it 7 times daily.
  7. Colon Detox Plus can be bought for only $16 from the original price of $24.80.
  8. The price of the 3 Day Juice Cleanse is $64.95.

As you can see, Colon Detox Plus is way more affordable.

It's easy to take and it's a real supplement.

Not to mention that its effect is visible in most people (and it's really well-tolerated).

So I think it's the best value for your money.


Overall – the 3 Day Juice Cleanse is really expensive.

It's only a powdered juice drink.

So I don't think it's worth spending a lot on it.

I strongly recommend you to buy a real supplement instead.




#7 – Final Conclusions

Now – here are my summarized views on the 3 Day Juice Cleanse.

1. Good Set Of Ingredients

The 3 Day Juice Cleanse is composed of 4 juice blends.

Each of them has the following compounds:

  • Awakening/Detox/Revival/Vitality Blend (one in each juice)
  • Cleansing Blend
  • Vitamins & Minerals

Honestly – all of them are pretty promising.

But the formula is surely not all-natural.

It contains some additives and other artificial compounds, so it's not organic.

2. Takes A Lot Of Effort

As I mentioned, the 3 Day Juice Cleanse comes in a powder form.

It looks very easy to take, at first.

But in reality, you have to drink it 7 times a day.

Honestly – that's absolutely terrible and almost impossible to follow.

If you don't mind the effort, it's great – but you surely do.

3. Very Expensive

Lastly – the 3 Day Juice Cleanse is quite pricey.

You have several choice -to take it for 1, 2 or 3 days.

Now – the price of the 3 day cleanse is $64.95.

It's honestly really expensive for its quality and I would surely not recommend spending so much on it.



My Verdict – Worth It Or Not?

Short answer: No – it's a different type of product.

But there are several problems it has:

  1. Causes more side effects than other colon cleansers
  2. Really expensive for its quality
  3. Extremely difficult to take
  4. Lots of complaints from previous users

Honestly – it's not the worst detox product I have seen.

But it's surely not a standalone product either.

It can help, but it won't do what a real detox supplement does.

So if I were you, I would surely try a really good colon cleanser (formulated as a supplement):

It is called ColonDetox Plus:

  • Many customers that swear by it
  • Causes side effects very rarely
  • Good quality and very affordable
  • Great effect in cleansing and detoxifying

Again – Colon Detox Plus is a real supplement.

It has some superior features and it has so many previous users that recommend it.

So honestly – compared to 3 Day Juice Cleanse, it's a much better investment of your money.



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