Is My Perfect Eyes A Scam? My Review (2024)

It’s time for My Perfect Eyes review – an anti-aging product formulated for the under-eye area.

However, there are some signs that it's a terrible product:

  • incredibly weak formula
  • temporary effect (if any)
  • lots of bad reviews

So – is My Perfect Eyes a scam? Or does it do its job well enough?

I made a really detailed analysis of this serum to give you the real deal about it (+ video).

Note: This review is based on my opinion + research on Perfect Eyes.

Review Summary

Full Name: My Perfect Eyes by My Perfect Cosmetics Company

Product Type: Anti-Aging Serum

Best Actual Prize: Around $40 in the best case

Cheapest Place To Buy: Its official website

Designed For: Enhancing the under-eyes – it claims to:

  • diminish fine lines
  • give immediate result
  • refresh skin

My Rating: 2 out of 10

Recommended?: Definitely not – I don't think it's a good choice at all:

  • one of the weakest formulas from the market
  • lots of negative reviews and unsatisfied users
  • only provides a short-term effect
  • quite pricey

Instead, I suggest going for the best anti-aging cream I know, that is more worth it.


What I Liked About It

  • Its full ingredient list is disclosed
  • Enough authentic customer reviews
  • Quite easy to apply


What I Didn’t Like About It

  • Formula itself is incredibly weak
  • No classic/potent anti-aging ingredient
  • Not suitable for all skin types, colors and ages
  • Significant negative reviews
  • Very expensive overall
  • Only has some short-term benefits
  • Can cause side effects quite often



My Perfect Eyes In A Nutshell

My Perfect Eyes is a type of product that provides a quick solution for the under-eye area.

It actually claims to act fast – with an effect that will stay for long hours.

Now – the product itself is available in 2 versions:

  • 100 applications form
  • 200 applications form

Still, both versions have some pretty high prices for their composition (which is more than basic).

So buying the larger supply won't bring you any significant savings.

And honestly – I don't consider products like this serum a real anti-aging treatment.

The short-term effects cannot treat the real skin problem from the inside out.

So if you ask me, this product is not really worth it – especially judging after the price.

That's why I can't recommend it overall.

If you ask me, there are far better products out there that will give your skin some long-term benefits.



#1 – Claims & Producer

Here are some general facts about this serum:

  • which skin problems it treats
  • who is the company behind
  • how it works
1. Claims

This product promises a lot of things on its Amazon listing as well as on its official website.

The first statement says it works “under 60 seconds and last for up to 8 hours!”

And it here's what exactly it means:

  • instantly remove wrinkles, fine lines and eye bags
  • delivers immediate results
  • goes on clear and dries clear

To be honest – I strongly doubt these promises.

That's because almost no product can work in less than an minute.

And if there are any that can, their effect goes away within minutes (so it doesn't last several hours).

That's why I can't really trust My Perfect Eyes here.

And considering its terrible formula, this really can't be true.

But there's more when it comes to its claims:

  • it's clinically proven to instantly erase all under-eye area problems
  • avoids invasive and expensive ways of removing aging signs

Again, I don't think there's a product that can be an alternative to surgical procedures.

If there was any – no one would do plastic surgeries anymore. Doesn't it make sense?

But My Perfect Eyes is only an aesthetic product – and not a very good one.

2. Company Behind

The creator behind this serum is called My Perfect Cosmetics Company.

To be honest – its name sound quite questionable.

But here's what I found out so far about it so far:

  • has its own official website
  • has several reviews on Trust Pilot
  • contact info includes email and contact number

When it comes to the products it offers – these include:

  • skin care for the under-eyes and the whole face
  • facial cleanser devices
  • most products are formulated as a serum, cream, mask, etc.

Now – the brand itself is legit and it doesn't have too many complaints about being a scam.

Just keep in mind that their products are far from the most professional ones.


#2 – Formula (1 out of 10)

My Perfect Eyes has one of the weakest formulas I have seen in a product of this type.

Fortunately – the full ingredient list is available on its website:

As you can't see, there is absolutely no:

  • classic anti-aging ingredient
  • herbal extract
  • quality compound

And even though I looked into many similar products – this is by far the weakest composition I have seen.

So let’s take a look at its few existing ingredients.

1. Silicates

This serum contains 2 kinds of silicates:

  1. Sodium Silicate
  2. Magnesium Aluminum Silicate

If you're curious, here's how these substances can help your skin:

  • tighten the skin [1]
  • regenerate tissues
  • give a smooth surface

But if you ask me, these ingredients are the ones responsible for the “pulled skin look.”

In terms of reducing wrinkles, they have absolutely no real benefit.

So they are clearly just a 10 minutes solution.

2. Iron Oxide

Iron Oxide is quite common and present in almost any skin care product and makeup:

  • provides pigment/shade
  • shields skin from UV rays [2]
  • prevents hyperpigmentation

However – makeup and anti-aging products are totally different.

So this ingredient isn't very effective at reducing wrinkles (in terms of strength and intensity).

That's why I consider it pretty useless.

3. Parabens

Many people are allergic to parabens, so they try to avoid them.

Honestly – I'm not a big fan of products that contain parabens.

As far as I noticed – it's a pretty clear sign of a poor quality.

But on the bright side, here's what parabens can do:

  • prevent the growth of bacteria/molds
  • act as a preservative [3]
  • maintain product longevity

Basically – there's no anti-aging benefit, not even a minor one.

That's why parabens are totally useless in this product – not to mention that they're actually quite harmful.


Overall – this composition looks terrible.

It's one of the weakest formulas I have seen in an anti-aging serum (if not the weakest).

So there's no way that this product can give you that 8 hours “pulled skin look”.

It simply doesn't contain anything that indicated it could do this.



#3 – Consistency & Dosage (5 out of 10)

I will try to give you a quick idea on how this serum looks like.

1. The Consistency

There's only one photo showing what the actual product texture:

  • clear white color
  • thick consistency
  • strong chemical scent

Honestly – this product doesn't look like a serum at all.

Besides its uncommon consistency, the applicator is not very hygienic.

So it didn't leave me a very good first impression, to tell you the truth.

2. The Dosage

Here are the instruction on how to use this serum:

  1. Clean the under-eye area and make sure there's no makeup residue.
  2. Shake the bottle and use the wand applicator to get the product.
  3. Apply the serum using your fingers (from the corner of your eyes outwards).
  4. Do not move your face for 60 seconds or until the product is dry.

There's a note saying that you can speed up the drying process by fanning it.

Also – it's advised to use a little amount of product, in order to avoid build-up.

You can also use this product together with your favorite oil-free makeup.

So overall – it's quite easy to follow, but it might take time to fully understand the easiest way to apply it.



#4 – Results (3 out of 10)

When I want to know how a product works, I always look at the customers' opinions.

I do this in order to give you a fair view on its overall performance.

With that, let's now take a look at the reviews of people who bought and tried this serum. 

Note: I only analyzed authentic reviews, not promotional or fake ones.

1. Positive Opinions

Most of the time, I choose the reviews written on Amazon over the official website.

That's because I find the reviews from Amazon more authentic and brutally honest.

Here are the common things satisfied customers said about it:

  1. A lot of people said that their eye bags disappeared.
  2. Most people testified that it works and it's worth it.
  3. Some experienced smoother under-eyes.
  4. The rest talked about reduced puffiness after using this serum.

The overall rating (3.3/5 stars) of this product is fair – but not that impressive.

Honestly – almost all of the reviews sound very generic.

I know we're talking about Amazon and they're most likely real.

But there are very few unique details in them (as you can find in the reviews from most products).

2. Negative Opinions

It gets more exciting when you read the 1 star reviews of people who tried this serum:

  1. Some people received an empty bottle.
  2. A lot of people said that it leaves a flaky white residue under the eyes.
  3. Others described it as chalky, sandy and drying.
  4. Several customers experienced some nasty side effects.

So even if there's a high percentage of 5 star reviews, these negative comments are quite significant.

And in my view, they are more authentic and super honest.

But even so, My Perfect Eyes has enough complaints overall – so it's not too trustworthy, if you ask me.


There's no doubt about the legitimacy of the product because people actually received their order.

However – that's not a good enough reason to make me recommend it:

  • its positive reviews sound promotional
  • the negative comments look more authentic

In my opinion, there are way better alternatives out there that are more worth it.




#5 – Side Effects (7 out of 10)

Another reason why I analyze customers' reviews is to see the product's side effects.

And when it comes to this serum – I saw enough complaints about experiencing adverse reactions

Here are the most common issues :

  • burnt skin/burning sensation
  • left red patches under the eyes
  • eye irritation

In general, side effects isolated in anti-aging products, but this serum has quite a lot.

And having multiple comments about side effects means they are rather common.

So I wouldn't really give this serum a try (from this point of view, at least).

It's simply not a safe product – and it's not just me saying this.

But anyway – always remember to read any product's list of ingredients first before making the actual purchase.


#6 – Price (1 out of 10)

Honestly – My Perfect Eyes is very expensive for its value.

I considered the different aspects of it and it's not a good choice at all.

1. The Exact Price

You can purchase My Perfect Eyes from Amazon and its official website.

Upon comparing the prices, it's a little pricier on Amazon.

So let's focus on the deals offered by My Perfect Cosmetics Company's website:

  1. Regular version (100 applications) costs $39.95
  2. 200 applications version costs $59.95
  3. Offers a free delivery
  4. Offers a 30-day money-back guarantee

As I said  the difference between the two versions is the number of applications.

So for My Perfect Eyes 100, you will have 100 applications and 200 for the other one.

For me, it's quite deceiving given that the volume of the product is around 10 ml and 20 ml only.

I also want to remind you that it's only an aesthetic product and will last only for hours.

So the effect is not going to be a long-term one (as it happens in quality products).

Overall – it's really expensive and not worth it at all, if you ask me.

2. Competitors’ Price

I only want to compare this cream with the #1 anti-aging product I know.

I am talking about Kollagen Intensiv by Skinception:

  1. Kollagen Intensiv has the best formula from the market with evidence behind.
  2. My Perfect Eyes has fewer components and an incredibly weak formula.
  3. Kollagen Intensiv costs around $60, but you can get it for only $36.
  4. A jar can last even 6 weeks (in my case), which is very long.
  5. My Perfect Eyes costs $40 (cheapest) and it has a small volume.
  6. It says to have 100 or 200 applications but I really doubt it.

By now, it's quite obvious that Kollagen Intensiv is more worth it.

It has strong anti-aging ingredients that can treat the real cause of visible signs of aging.

Also – its effect is a long-term one, that's why it remains my #1 recommendation.


If you ask me, I don't recommend My Perfect Eyes.

It's simply way too pricey for a product that has a terrible quality and composition.

So if you afford buying it, I suggest you to go for a better alternative.

I recommend one that can give you long-term benefits, not just for a few hours.




#7 – My Perfect Eyes In 3 Ideas

Here’s how I would sum up my opinion on this serum.

1. Terrible Ingredients

As you can see from its formula, there's nothing much there.

If you ask me, this product lacks pretty much everything:

  • strong anti-aging ingredients
  • vitamins
  • plant extracts

In my view, a quality product should contain all that (and even more) to treat the visible signs of aging.

So don't expect too much from this serum.

2. Negative Comments

Complaints and negative reviews are quite normal for almost any product.

However – this serum garnered some serious comments that can't be sweep under the rug:

  • empty bottles
  • lots of side effects
  • received dried up product

In my view, these issues are some major red flags to not trust this product.

Again – negative reviews are common but consider the other aspects of a product too, before buying it.

3. Super Pricey

These are several reasons why this serum is really expensive:

  • a bottle of 100 applications contains 10 ml
  • 200 applications version has 20 ml
  • the 2 versions cost $39.95 and $59.95
  • only provide a short-term effect

Aesthetic products are good for a quick cover-up.

But they should definitely not be this expensive (in my own opinion).

For the price you have to pay, My Perfect Eyes is really not worth it.

Just save your money and buy a better alternative, because there are a lot of wonderful products out there.



#8 – My Video Review



My Verdict – Worth It Or Not?

Short answer: Not really.

It’s not something I would ever recommend (even if it has a few praises):

  1. Only gives a short-term effect
  2. Very pricey for its value
  3. May have the weakest formula I ever came across
  4. Causes lots of side effects
  5. Has a lot of bad reviews (from a lot of people)

Now – I cannot consider My Perfect Eyes a scam.

To me – scams are typically products that are either not delivered or that help almost no user.

And in this case, people who ordered this serum got it and it did work for some.

But even so, My Perfect Eyes is far from something I would advise you to buy.

However – I have a better recommendation for you. A cream called Kollagen Intensiv:

  1. Excellent formula with clinical evidence behind.
  2. Gives a long-term effect and several anti-aging benefits.
  3. Treats the problem from the inside.
  4. A jar lasts longer (more than a month).
  5. Works way better than My Perfect Eyes.

This is my #1 recommendation and the things I listed above are some of the good reasons why.

So if you really want to get your money's worth, just go for this alternative instead.

In my view, I consider this cream as the best choice overall.

best anti aging


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Paula has a background in Chemistry and continues to pursue further studies in it. She loves searching for the best products in the market that will give excellent benefits to the human body and share them with you.

Last updated: May 15, 2024

6 thoughts on “Is My Perfect Eyes A Scam? My Review (2024)

  1. no advantage, only disadvantages so shame on me for trying this product that almost cost me my eyes. definitely dont try this scam and save urself from danger because it really is too risky. it burnt my under eye badly and caused eye irritation that i almost thought that my eyes will be badly damaged.

    1. Hey Kamile, how are you? I’m sorry that this happened to you. Unfortunately, there are really a lot of dissatisfactions about this product from its users ranging from small complaints such as the price unto its sever adverse effect which is sadly what happened to you. Honestly, even I myself would not give it a try given its ingredients and result. Instead, I would really recommend giving Kollagen Intensiv a try if you would still want to continue using products despite your current experience with My Perfect Eyes. If you are no longer want to continue trying products, following this guide might suit you better. It includes natural remedies to improve your skin health and prevent faster aging. Hopefully this helps you! Thank you for the review and hope you get better soon!

      All the best,

  2. If youre looking for the product to help with eyebags, then look for another option. This is not for everyone (tho I highly doubt if its even effective at all). This article already broke it down into understandable chunks so dont waste it and be ignorant. Health is wealth so we should really do our research (learned too late but whatever).

    p.s. thanks for this very good article, Paula!

    1. Hey Alpert, we really appreciate comments like yours. This becomes our drive into writing more articles that helps consumers so thank you so much. It’s sad that you were not able to know more of its issues before you were able to buy this product but still, thank you for sharing your experience to warn others. I do agree that health is wealth which is why we also compiled a list of anti-aging products ranging from those used internally up to orally to help people know what works and not, especially the best option out there. In fact, I consider Kollagen Intensiv as the best anti-aging product out there that works out even for dark undereye. It gives the result it promises at a good price so you should definitely check our review about it.


  3. On the 9th May I ordered my perfect eyes on line for the first time. The money has been charged to my credit card but sadly it is now 8th June and three email enquiries later I STILL haven’t received my order or replies to my emails. When I read this headline about my perfect eyes being a scam I thought someone else had been “conned” but it’s the product they are talking about. Can someone PLEASE advise on my next move.

    1. Hello Jacqui, try to contact them via phone/email until the get the message. Then threaten to sue then (even if you don’t actually plan to do it) – in most cases, they get scared and refund you. I had a lot of readers who used this strategy with various scam products and it was they only want they managed to get their money back. Hope it helps you!

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