My Bio Kult Probiotics Review (2024) – Any Side Effects?

It’s time for my Bio Kult Probiotics review – a probiotic supplement that's actually decent.

Are there any chances that it's effective? Or is the product just overhyped?:

  • low doses
  • affordable price
  • tricky usage

Let's find out the answers to these questions as we review the supplement in detail.

Note: This review is based on my opinion + research on Bio Kult Probiotics.

Review Summary

Full Name: Bio-Kult Advanced Probiotics by Protexin®

Product Type: Probiotics

Best Actual Prize: Around $15

Cheapest Place To Buy: Amazon

Designed For: Complementing the existing gut flora.

My Rating: 7 out of 10

Recommended?: Yes and no – there are a few warning sings about it:

  • contains dairy and soy
  • low doses
  • works pretty slow

If you're looking for a better alternative, try the best probiotic from the market that I know.


What I Liked About It

  • Reliable producer
  • Contains 14 bacterial strains
  • It's travel-friendly
  • No refrigeration needed
  • Available for worldwide shipping
What I Didn’t Like About It

  • Low doses
  • Works slower than others
  • Contains soy and dairy
  • Requires more capsules
  • Not that cheap for long term use



Bio Kult Probiotics In A Nutshell

Overall – Bio Kult Probiotics is a good supplement.

But you might want to consider these things:

  • works rather slow
  • low doses overall
  • possible side effects
  • requires 1-4 capsules/day

The probiotic supplement contains 14 bacterial strains, which is a good feature, if you ask me.

But I just want to warn you that it contains traces of dairy and soy.

So if you're allergic to these substances, you might want to think twice before buying this product.

Also – the capsules are easy to swallow compared to other supplements.

But the downside is that you need to remember taking them multiple times a day.

Honestly, that's quite a hassle.

For $14.85 for 30 capsules, the price is pretty fair.

However, you need to take into account that you might need to buy a lot, since it works slow.

Overall – Bio Kult Probiotics is not a bad product, but it's not excellent either.




#1 – Claims & Producer

Here are the things you should know about Bio Kult Probiotics:

  • the company behind it
  • how it works
  • what it treats
1. Claims

Bio Kult is said to be a “unique multi-species, multi-strain live bacteria supplement.”

And that's because of the presence of 14 strains of beneficial bacteria.

Honestly, these aren't some really big promises, since everything is straight to the point.

Now, here are the other statements I found out about this product:

  • travel-friendly
  • backed by research
  • doesn't need refrigeration
  • easy to take

Lastly – there's a statement that Bio Kult is cryoprotected during processing.

That's probably the main reason why the probiotic doesn't really need to be refrigerated.

2. Producer

I kind of expected that Bio Kult comes from a trusted company.

And that's because the product presentation doesn't look sketchy at all.

Based on my research, the supplement is made by Protexin® (a brand from UK).

The brand is known for making several types of products:

  • human health
  • veterinary
  • equine premium
  • agricultural

Overall – I would say that it's safe to buy from it, since it's one of the most trusted health brands in the UK.



#2 – Formula (6.5 out of 10)

Bio Kult Probiotics' formula is quite promising overall:

  • has 14 probiotic strains
  • contains milk and soya
  • overall dose 2 billion CFU

Now – the only downside is the pretty low dose.

That's because a decent daily probiotic should contain around 5-10 billion CFU.

Bio Kult's dosage is a lot lower, so that's not a good point about it.

But here are the ingredients present in the supplement:

  1. Lactobacillus casei PXN® 37™ – prevents diarrhea (even infectious one)
  2. L. plantarum PXN® 47™ – helps the immune system
  3. Lactobacillus rhamnosus PXN® 54™ – hinders the growth of bad bacteria
  4. Bacillus subtilis PXN® 21® – complements existing gut flora [1]
  5. B. bifidum PXN® 23™ – supports in digesting fibers
  6. Bifidobacterium breve PXN® 25™ – promotes respiratory and digestive health
  7. B. longum PXN® 30™ – stops bad bacteria from cultivating
  8. Lactobacillus acidophilus PXN® 35™ – treats and improves bowel movement
  9. Lactococcus lactis ssp. lactis PXN® 63™ – helps boosting the immune system [2]
  10. Streptococcus thermophilus PXN® 66™ – helps absorbing nutrients [3]
  11. Bifidobacterium infantis PXN® 27™ – relieves symptoms of irritable bowel movement
  12. Lactobacillus delbrueckii ssp. bulgaricus PXN® 39™ – reduces abdominal problems [4]
  13. L. helveticus PXN® 45™ – promotes overall gut health [5]
  14. Lactobacillus salivarius PXN® 57™ – alleviates gut disorders

If you ask me, the bacterial strains mentioned above have a lot of benefits.

However – it looks like not everyone will like the overall formula.

And I'm saying that because of the presence of dairy and soy.

So even though the probiotic blend is very promising, it might not be suitable for everyone.

Overall – I see this formula very helpful for the digestive and immune systems.

But the low dose of bacteria might make it a lot slower.


In my opinion, the presence of 14 bacterial strains makes Bio Kult better.

But there are 2 main red flags:

  • presence of dairy and soy
  • low CFU count

Overall – Bio Kult is a decent product, but it might take time before you feel the results.

If you ask me, there are better alternatives out there that work faster.



#3 – Pills & Dosage (7 out of 10)

First of all – here are the things you should know about Bio Kult Probiotics.

1. Pills

So far, this is how the product looks like:

  • slightly smaller than regular sized-pills
  • white-colored capsules
  • vegetable cover

I find the size of the pills a good thing, especially for people who are not used to taking supplements.

And that's because it's easy to swallow, making it true to its claim.

2. Dosage

The full instructions are available on Bio Kult Probiotics' website:

  • 1-4 capsule/day (for adults and children 12+)
  • a maximum of 2 capsules daily (for children 3-11 years old)
  • 4 capsules daily (for people taking antibiotics)
  • take 4 capsules/day a week before and after (when traveling)

Now, the instructions recommend taking the pills preferably with food.

That's quite normal for any supplements (in order to avoid stomach cramps).

There's also a tip that you break the capsule and get the content inside.

However – the number of capsules that need to consume daily is quite high.

So I personally prefer products that require a lower number.

They are simply a lot more comfortable.



#4 – Results (7 out of 10)

Upon researching, I found out a lot of customer reviews about Bio Kult Probiotics.

I checked them out to see how it works for different people.

And the goal is to give you different perspectives about a certain product.

Note: I only analyzed authentic reviews, not promotional or fake ones.

1. Positive Opinions

Now – I decided to focus on the comments on Amazon.

So here are what happy buyers said about Bio Kult Probiotics:

  1. Some people liked the fact that it's easy to carry when traveling.
  2. Others mentioned that it really helped with their IBS, constipation and diarrhea.
  3. There are customers who noticed their eczema, psoriasis and UTI toned down.
  4. The rest said that the product really made their digestive system function well.

Based on the positive reviews, I'm quite satisfied with the opinions I looked into.

And it seems like the majority of its previous customers liked it.

Also – the product got a 4.6/5 stars rating, which is pretty high.

2. Negative Opinions

Of course – there are also customers who had bad experiences with this supplement:

  1. Most complaints are about the product not working at all.
  2. Some received expired and damaged items.
  3. Others experienced some side effects.
  4. There are few people who mentioned that the price is expensive for its quality.

I'm quite shocked that there were customers who experienced side effects with the product.

And that's because Bio Kult Probiotics has some lower doses (compared to others).

Other than that, the poor package handling is a red flag for me, so you need to watch out.


Overall – the customer reviews on Bio Kult Probiotics are mixed up.

But it's quite obvious that most users liked the product.

Now – if you ask me, I would say that you should also consider the complaints.

It's up to you if you want to try the product or not, but I still think there are better options out there.




#5 – Side Effects (5 out of 10)

I found enough complaints on adverse reactions among its customer reviews.

And so far – here are the most common issues caused by Bio Kult Probiotics:

  • skin itching/allergy/rashes
  • fatigue and vomiting
  • bad headaches and nausea

The product info does that it contains soy and dairy.

But there's a disclaimer that they are only in a very small amount (still suitable for lactose intolerance).

Overall – I would say that if you're allergic to soy and dairy, skip this supplement.

They may be in a low quantity, but who can tell?

Given the complaints it has, I would think twice.



#6 – Price (8 out of 10)

Honestly – the price of Bio Kult Probiotics is more on the affordable side.

But let's see if it's really worth buying or not.

1. The Exact Price

Bio Kult Probiotics is available in several online retailers.

But I will choose Amazon, since it's the most convenient one:

  1. 30 Count (1 Pack) costs $14.85
  2. 60 Count (1 Pack) costs $25.50
  3. 120 Count (1 Pack) costs $35.20
  4. 2 Packs of 120 count costs $68.99
  5. 120 Count (4 Pack) costs $176.09
  6. Free Shipping (on selected dates)
  7. Returnable items
  8. Discounted prices upon subscription

Now – the product might be effective for a lot of people.

However, it might take a lot of pills before seeing its actual effect.

So it's up to you if you're willing to spend your money and wait for its to start working.

It's surely not a bad deal, but it's not that amazing either.

2. Competitors’ Price

If you're looking for fast results, here's my top recommended probiotic.

The product is called Your Biology Gut+:

  1. Your Biology Gut+ contains 10 bacterial strains essential to the stomach.
  2. The supplement also has both probiotics and prebiotics.
  3. Bio Kult Probiotics has 14 bacterial strains and traces of dairy and soy.
  4. The formula is a little weak, but still effective.
  5. Your Biology Gut+ requires three pills a day.
  6. Meanwhile, Bio Kult Probiotics needs 1-4 capsules daily.
  7. Your Biology Gut+ costs $64.99 normally but can be bought for $39.
  8. On the other hand, Bio Kult Probiotics starts at around $15.

Now – if you don't mind waiting, you can go for Bio Kult Probiotics.

However, if you're someone that needs immediate result, Your Biology Gut+ is the best choice.

Its doses are a lot higher, so its effect is also stronger and faster.

Not to mention that it treats pretty much all stomach issues – so it's a lot more versatile.


Personally – I consider Bio Kult a decent supplement with a good price.

But since it tends to work quite slow, you will need a higher quantity overall.

So if you do the math, the final price isn't that low.

Overall – I suggest you find some better options in terms of price and potency.




#7 – FAQs

In this section, we will explore common inquiries about Bio Kult.

Note: I might repeat something I already mentioned, but it's easier to spot here.

1. What does this supplement do?

Bio-Kult is specifically formulated to support the digestive system.

Additionally – it aims to enhance and complement the existing gut flora.

Overall, it focuses on digestive support and contributes to overall digestive well-being.

2. What are the usage instructions for this product?

Here are the recommended usage instructions for Bio Kult Probiotics:

  • for adults and children aged 12+: 1-4 capsules per day
  • for children aged 3-11: a maximum of 2 capsules daily
  • for those taking antibiotics: 4 capsules/day
  • when traveling: 4 pills daily, one week before and after traveling

Additionally – the instructions emphasize taking the capsules with food to prevent stomach cramps.

3. Does one box last for 30 days?

Firstly, the duration depends on the recommended daily intake outlined in the usage instructions.

But if you follow the maximum daily dosage of 4 capsules, you'll require the box with 120 capsules.

Therefore, the duration varies based on different age groups and situations.

4. Can it trigger potential side effects?

Based on customer reviews, Bio Kult Probiotics has been linked to common complaints.

These were about side effects such as itching, allergy, rashes, fatigue, vomiting, headaches, and nausea.

Also – the supplement contains soy and dairy in small amounts.

So individuals allergic to these ingredients are advised to avoid using this supplement.

5. How much does this product cost?

The cost of Bio Kult Probiotics varies based on the quantity and packaging.

On Amazon, the price ranges from $14.85 for a 30-count pack to $35.20 for the highest quantity (120-count).

Larger quantities or subscription options may come with additional discounts.

Lastly, the product may offer free shipping on selected dates.



#8 – Final Conclusions

Here’s how I would highlight my points about Bio Kult Probiotics.

1. Decent Formula

Honestly – the supplement looks promising, since it contains 14 bacterial strains.

But you should know that it contains dairy and soy in trace amounts.

Also – it has 2 billion CFU, which is lower compared to others.

I'm not saying that it's bad – it's effective but it takes a lot longer for it to work.

2. Credible Background

One good thing about Bio Kult Probiotics is that it comes from UK's trusted brand.

There are also a lot of people who can prove that it's not a scam and that it's indeed legit.

And considering its professional websites and authentic reviews, it's safe to buy from it.

3. Fair Price

Honestly – Bio Kult Probiotics has a fair price, considering its quality.

I don't think you can find other probiotics with these features:

  • the same number of strains
  • made by a reputable brand
  • has such a low price

My only concern is that it might cost you to feel its full benefits.



My Verdict – Worth It Or Not?

Short answer: Yes and no – because of the following reasons:

  1. Has 14 bacterial strains
  2. Contains dairy and soy
  3. Very low dose (CFU)
  4. Possible side effects
  5. Legit brand
  6. Fair price

Don't get me wrong, the product is good – but it's not outstanding.

So if you're someone who doesn't mind waiting, then it's up to you to try it.

However – if you need immediate relief, I recommend you something else instead.

I'm talking about Your Biology Gut+:

  • Consists of 10 essential probiotics with amazing benefits
  • Works fast, efficiently and really well
  • Combines probiotics with prebiotics
  • Has the best formulation with some potent doses

Compared to Bio Kult, Your Biology Gut+ has a much stronger formula and effect.

So if you need something that is easier to take but it still works better, that's what you should try.


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Paula has a background in Chemistry and continues to pursue further studies in it. She loves searching for the best products in the market that will give excellent benefits to the human body and share them with you.

Last updated: May 15, 2024

6 thoughts on “My Bio Kult Probiotics Review (2024) – Any Side Effects?

  1. Can I take it with my other medicines and supplements? To give you a background, I am diagnosed with polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS). One major effect of PCOS to me is bloating and I want to get rid of it if to fit again to my clothes, I know it is hard but there are still ways. Will Bio Kult help me with the bloating especially if the hormones are the one responsible with all my weight gain and bloat?

    1. Hey, Queenie! I understand your struggle and some of my friends who have PCOS have problems with bloating too. If you’re not taking any medicines for serious illnesses, taking a probiotic supplement is just fine. In fact, probiotics can also help regulate hormones so it’s just fine. Good luck on your journey!

  2. Greetings,

    My take on your review is Bio Kult is a good product but not really up to your likings but it is a good probiotic, isn’t it? Two years of using Bio Kult and I’m feeling good and fine. All of my friends is using it because I recommend it to them. Bio Kult is not a bad product I wish you will like it too….


    1. Hey, Ara! Yes, it is a decent probiotic and it has been on the market for a very long time and a lot of people have tried it already. It is good to know that it really works for you and I am glad that you found the right probiotic for you! I actually consider Bio Kult a decent probiotic but I just have my preference. Have a nice day!

  3. This product is nothing but unbeneficial bacteria and fillers like magnesium stearate. You know nothing about what you are talking about. Probably just about the money and not giving people legitimate information. Do you get paid by Bio Kult to make them look good and feel good all the way?

    1. Hello, Justin! I respect your opinion about the review I made for Bio Kult but sad to say, your assumptions are false. I am, in no way, affiliated with Bio Kult and everything I wrote about it is based on actual and careful research. Stay safe!

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