My Review: Zantrex Skinny Stix – Are Its Ingredients Any Good?

It's time to review Zantrex Skinny Stix – which is a powdered weight supplement.

But this product is not the typical weight loss pill.

So is any different from the rest? Are its ingredients any good?:

  • formula is based on several herbs
  • expensive in the long run
  • easy to consume daily

Well, you will have to find out more about it in this review.

Note: This review is based on my opinion + research on Zantrex Skinny Stix.

Review Summary

Full Name: SkinnyStix by Zantrex

Product Type: Weight Loss Supplement

Best Actual Price: Around $20 (for a 10 days supply)

Cheapest Place To Buy: Amazon

Designed For: Curbing appetite and increasing energy – it can also:

  • burn excess fats
  • elevate the mood
  • improve focus and stamina

My Rating: 6 out of 10

Recommended?: Not quite – it's a unique product but it has some problems:

  • many complaints about its packaging/quality
  • you need several boxes in a month
  • takes a lot of effort to use

Honestly – I strongly recommend a real weight loss supplement.

It's easier to use, but most importantly – it's way more effective when it comes to reducing weight.


What I Liked About It

  • Contains a lot of herbs and herbal extracts
  • Easy to consume (just dissolve it in water)
  • Many real reviews behind
  • A lot of previous customers have actually tried it in real life


What I Didn’t Like About It

  • Doesn't focus on burning unnecessary existing fats
  • Several  complaints about taste (and aftertaste)
  • Most ingredients are listed together in a blend
  • One box isn't enough for an entire month
  • Pretty pricey for long-term use
  • A lot of negative feedback about its packaging
  • Hard to take on a daily basis (3 packets/day)



Zantrex Skinny Stix In A Nutshell

Unlike other weight loss supplements, Zantrex is different.

As you can tell, it comes in a powdered form.

So you basically need to dissolve it in water and then consume it.

Now – it claims to be an incredible way to lose weight and burn fats.

In order to achieve its goal, it will boost your energy and control your cravings.

So you won't feel the need to eat as much as usual.

But that's only on paper.

In reality – it sounds promising until you see its red flags:

  • negative reviews about its taste
  • complaints about its quality
  • no individual doses for most ingredients
  • pretty complaicated to take

If you ask me, it can mostly lower your normal appetite.

But it can't do anything in terms of fat burning or reducing fat accumulation.

Besides, it takes some effort to take it (you have to take 3 sachets every day).

So even though it's liquid, it's still pretty hard to take it correctly.

But its biggest issue is its pricing:

  1. A 10 days supply is $20.
  2. But you pay around $60 for a monthly supply.

To be very honest, it's not a very practical option in terms of cost.

Not to mention that its weight loss effect is rather on the lower side.

So even if you only needed a maintenance product, I would still not recommend it.

That's why I clearly do not recommend it to people who want to lose weight.

It's expensive and it will probably not help you too much.

Overall – it's not really wise spending your money on Zantrex, that's what I think.



#1 – How It Works & Producer

Let's start with the general info about Zantrex:

  • how it works for weight loss
  • what weight issues it can address
  • the company behind the product
1. How It Works

There isn't a lot of info about Zantrex.

I only found its promises listed out on its website.

Unfortunately, there's no description of its exact mechanism of action, which is what I was interested in.

Most especially – I wanted to know how it can burn fats and excess weight.

Anyway – here are the key benefits listed on its website.

Let's take a look below before discussing them:

  • helps in losing weight and burning fat
  • powerfully controls appetite
  • increases stamina and energy
  • keeps you in focus and a better mood

Now – how exactly will it help you lose weight?

Based on my understanding, it's a powder supplement that supplies your energy needs:

  • it allows you to eat less
  • at the same time, it lowers your appetite

To be very honest, I think its main goal is to somehow replace food.

I'm mostly talking about unnecessary snacks, but you get the point.

Also, the energy it provides can help you with your workout.

So that's the only instance where it could potentially help with fat burning.

But other than that, I don't really think that it's a real weight loss supplement.

The best thing it can do is to help with weight maintenance (while you exercise and eat healthily).

But it's not a classic weight loss product, because it cannot burn your excess weight.

I feel like its description itself is pretty misleading, so keep that in mind.

2. Company Behind

The company behind SkinnyStix is called Zantrex.

It has its own official website – here's what you should know about it:

  • sells a total of 4 products (weight loss + energy)
  • you can reach support through email, contact page and hotline
  • there are some authentic reviews for its products (on various online marketplaces)

The main goal of the brand is to promote weight loss and boost energy.

So its 4 products are dedicated to those goals.

Also, there are a lot of people who tried the products successfully.

That's why you can trust this company, since it's not meant to scam you.

Just don't expect its products to make miracles in terms of weight loss – because they won't. 



#2 – Ingredients (6 out of 10)

Here's how I would shortly summarise the formula of Zantrex Skinny Stix:

  • contains only one vitamin
  • has a multitude of herbs and herbal extracts
  • all of them are listed in a blend

So basically – it only has 2 types of compounds in its formula.

Honestly,  I'm not very impressed with it overall.

Even its only vitamin present (Niacin) has a rather low dose.

Not to mention that the rest of the ingredients are listed together in a blend.

If you read some of my other reviews, you surely know what this means:

  • no individual doses
  • only overall quality is given out

I'm not very convinced that its formula can really follow all of Zantrex's claims.

One thing I noticed is that its herbs are known to be a source of energy.

So it does follow one of its major promises, which is boosting energy.

But in terms of weight loss – I'm not too impressed…

So let's now list down the benefits of the compounds present in the formula.

1. Niacin (6 mg)

Niacin (as Niacinamide) is the only vitamin present in Zantrex Skinny Stix.

So after a careful research, here are its benefits:

  • increases weight loss hormone
  • improves blood fat levels
  • decreases obesity-induced fats [1]

As you can see, it can contribute to weight management.

But again, it's the only major ingredient for weight loss in the formula.

And as you can guess, no ingredient can make miracles on its own.

If it could – trust me everyone would be using Niacin to lose weight.

Plus – its dose in Zantrex is quite low, so I wouldn't expect a lot from it.

It's a good compound, but it could be better if it was combined with more ingredients.

2. Proprietary Blend (1,024 mg)

Now – Zantrex Skinny Stix's blend has herbal extracts, powders and concentrates:

  1. Yerba Mate – stimulates fat metabolism [2]
  2. Guarana – offers protection against hypertension and obesity [3]
  3. Coffee – helps control appetite and food cravings
  4. Damiana – contains antioxidants and antidiabetic properties
  5. Stevia – supports weight management due to its low zero calories [4]
  6. Cacao –  regulates energy and metabolism
  7. Rice – it's a good source of carbohydrates and energy
  8. Cayenne – reduces body weight and has anti-obesity properties [5]
  9. Chlorella – improves energy levels and overall health
  10. Grape – supports metabolism and increases energy level
  11. Blueberry – reduces the risk of diseases related to being overweight [6]
  12. Cranberry – prevents obesity-induced inflammations [7]
  13. Sour Cherry – enhances energy levels and is a good source of nutrients
  14. Plum – supports the metabolism of lipids and glucose
  15. Raspberry – helps the body to burn fats and control appetite
  16. Strawberry – improves insulin resistance and lowers heart diseases [8]
  17. Bilberry – increases energy and contributes to weight loss

Unfortunately, their real effect isn't as promising as it seems.

In my view, those are the ingredients that will supply energy to your body.

That's because most have a lot of nutrients that you can find in regular food.

So you won't feel as hungry as usual.

But even if some of these herbs could help with weight loss, their benefits would be insignificant.

That's because of their low doses: 

  • the overall blend has a pretty low dose
  • there are 17 ingredients in it
  • this means somewhere around 60 mg/ingredient, which is very little

So Zantrex has a lot of room for improvement in terms of formula.


In my view, Zantrex Skinny Stix's formula is disappointing.

It has ingredients that support some of its claims (boosting energy and reducing cravings).

But I would say that it's really weak in terms of really targeting weight loss.

So if you want to shed off some pounds for real, go for another supplement instead.




#3 – Consistency & Dosage (5 out of 10)

Now, let's discuss more of Zantrex Skinny Stix's other vital info.

1. Consistency

Here are the product's physical characteristics:

  • powder form
  • brown-dark brown color 
  • strong herbal taste

Now, if you dissolve it in water, it looks like tea (transparent brown color).

Honestly – it doesn't have a pleasant taste, even if it's already flavored.

It actually has a lot of complaints at this chapter, so it's something to keep in mind.

Many people criticize its taste (and its aftertaste as well, apparently). 

2. Dosage

On the other hand, Zantrex takes quite some effort.

So basically, you need to take a total of 3 sachets per day.

You mix the powder in 16 fl oz of water and drink it.

There's a warning that says you shouldn't exceed the number of packets per day.

Also – it suggests that you take it in conjunction with diet and exercise.

Overall, the product itself is quite easy to consume.

But drinking 3 large glasses of its powder every day is pretty hard to me.

I personally would prefer swallowing 3 pills, as it would require a lot less time.

Since there are easier alternatives, why make things complicated with Zantrex?



#4 – Results (6 out of 10)

The good thing about Zantrex is it has a high number of customer reviews.

So it will really help you know more about its features.

Note: I only analyzed authentic reviews, not promotional or fake ones.

1. Positive Opinions

Now – there are no reviews on Zantrex Skinny Stix's website.

So let's go straight ahead to the user experiences written on Amazon:

  1. Most of the customers said that it really helped in curbing their appetite.
  2. Others mentioned that they lost weight after consistently using it.
  3. Some experienced more energy and improved focus.
  4. A few of them commented that it's a good partner when dieting and exercising.

In addition, it received a pretty decent rating, which is 4.1/5 stars.

But what I realized is that those people who lost weight with it are the active ones.

They were doing doing physical activities and eating healthily anyway.

So using Zantrex was just a bonus.

Also – the product itself helps avoiding adding more unnecessary weight, according to users.

But I didn't see any praises about how it burns the existing excess fat.

So it's great in assisting people who watch out for their weight.

But it doesn't really seem to help everyone lose weight without any effort from their side.

2. Negative Opinions

Here are the comments of people who are not a fan of Zantrex:

  1. A lot of the complaints were about receiving hardened powder.
  2. Some mentioned that it didn't taste good at all.
  3. Others said they received incomplete or damaged packages.
  4. The rest experienced no changes at all, not even an energy boost.

Again – it's promoted as a powder supplement.

But how can it be consumed if it reaches the customers already hard as a rock?

Also, a significant number of buyers said that it's not effective at all.

I kind of expected that, considering its composition and exaggerated promises.

So if you're already happy with your weight, Zantrex can help you maintain it (and improve your energy).

But that's about it…


Zantrex Skinny Stix received a mix of good and bad views.

The people who noticed the benefits are mostly the ones exercising a lot and following strict diets.

But this product doesn't seem to be really potent in reducing existing fats.

Better look for a real weight loss supplement that can work a lot better.




#5 – Side Effects (7 out of 10)

Since Zantrex is a powder drink, it's pretty tolerable.

So I really didn't expect to find me complaints about its side effects.

If you ask me, here are the potential secondary reactions it might cause:

  • nausea/headache
  • stomach pain
  • diarrhea

However – those issues are very specific for all weight loss products.

As for Zantrex alone, I consider it to be pretty safe to use.

Again – it's a powder supplement, so the risk is a lot lower.

Just make sure to not exceed its recommended serving size (which is 3 packets per day).

As long as you follow that, you should be safe – like most people who tried it.



#6 – Price (4 out of 10)

At first – Zantrex looks very affordable.

But I will explain you below why it's actually pricier than many weight loss alternatives.

1. The Exact Price

The lowest price of Zantrex Skinny Stix is on Amazon.

Although you can buy it from its official website, it's a little bit pricier there (ironically).

So here are the lowest prices I found for the product:

  • One box costs $19.99
  • You can get it for $18.99 (with subscription)
  • There's a free delivery on some days

If you're curious, a one-time purchase on its official website costs $29.99, which is about $10 more.

The monthly delivery (subscription) will charge you $23.99, which is less – but still a lot.

The point is that one box only has 30 packets – which isn't enough for a month:

  • you need 3 per day
  • this means a total of 3 boxes per month
  • there are 10 packets in every box

Approximately – the total cost will be around $60 (following the standard price from Amazon).

It's very expensive for a long-term use.

Not to mention that its weight loss effect isn't too impressive. 

Also – its quality is far from other superior weight loss supplements.

So I don't think it's worth the investment, time and effort.

It could be better if it cost under $20 for a monthly supply – anything above is overpriced for its value.

2. Competitors’ Price

Do you want to get the best value for your money?

Then I would advise you to look at PhenQ, because it's my top recommended weight loss supplement:

  1. PhenQ is a real weight loss supplement that works in 5 different ways.
  2. Its ingredients are some of them best for reducing weight gain.
  3. Zantrex's formula is composed of herbal ingredients with no individual doses.
  4. It's a powder drink that works more in supplying you with energy than burning fat.
  5. PhenQ requires only 2 pills/day while Zantrex requires 3 packets daily.
  6. One bottle of PhenQ is $69, but it can be bought for as low as $37.
  7. Meanwhile, a 10 days supply of Zantrex costs $20.
  8. If you want an entire month supply, you will have to pay around $60/month.

If you're really looking for a product that will help you lose weight, go for PhenQ.

It's a real weight-loss supplement that targets excess weight and the most common causes of weight gain.

In addition – it's super easy to take every day.

So for its price, it's obviously the best choice you can spend your money on.

Don't get me wrong – Zantrex Skinny Stix is a decent product.

But it's very pricey for what it can offer in real life.


Overall – Zantrex is not very practical in the long run.

That's because it doesn't do much when it comes to weight loss.

But even if you're looking for a maintenance of your normal weight, it's still expensive.

On the other hand, if you're after losing weight, just look for a better alternative.




#7 – Final Conclusions

Let me give you a summary of my thoughts on Zantrex Skinny Stix.

1. Herbal-Based

The overall formula of Zantrex Skinny Stix can be summarized in 2 categories:

  • one vitamin (Niacin)
  • a blend of herbs

Again – it's only a powder drink, not a real supplement. But that's not the point.

The main point is that the best thing it can do is boost energy and control your cravings.

In terms of reducing excess fat, don't count too much on it.

2. Requires Some Effort

Now – Zantrex Skinny Stix is easy to drink.

But at the same time, it requires a lot of effort.

Since it's in powder form, you just have to dissolve it in water and drink it.

Well – you actually have to do that 3 times a day.

Keep in mind that it has to be mixed with a high amount of water.

So you will have to drink a large glass 3 times every day.

A supplement would be a lot easier to use, trust me…

3. Pricey In The Long Run

Lastly – Zantrex is actually expensive.

One box costs $20 (for 30 packets), which is only enough for 10 days.

So if you do the math, you need to spend around $60 for a month's supply.

Honestly – it's very pricey, considering its true quality.

I might have ignored that if a monthly supply would have cost about $20.

But anything above is way too much.



My Verdict – Worth It Or Not?

Short answer: Not quite – I wouldn't really buy it for several reasons:

  1. Really hard to take it every day
  2. Many people complain about product quality and taste
  3. Price is very high in the long run
  4. Doesn't really burn excess fat
  5. Only controls cravings and improves energy

To be honest, I don't think Zantrex Skinny Stix is really that special.

But it's definitely not a very promising product either.

I would say it's good for providing energy while curbing your food cravings.

Instead of eating more food to stay full, the product will do that for you.

But for the total amount you need to spend on it, it's not worth it.

If I were you, I would go for a real weight loss supplement with many recommendations behind.

With that, I have a better alternative for you.

Try my #1 recommended weight loss supplement – PhenQ:

  • Easy to take on a daily basis
  • Proven to be effective in promoting weight loss
  • Excellent quality for its good price
  • Burns fat in 5 different ways

Honestly – PhenQ is way better than Zantrex Skinny Stix.

It's a real weight loss supplement and there are so many people who were satisfied with it.

Also – I find its price is decent for what it offers.

So if you want to lose weight and see some real changes, better go for in PhenQ instead. 

best weight loss supplement


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