My Review: Thrive Patch For Weight Loss (Ingredients, Side Effects & More)

It's time to review Thrive Patch For Weight Loss.

In my view, it's a pretty interesting product.

But let's analyze its ingredients, side effects, pricing and more.

Do you think it's worth it – and is it effective?:

  • can't be bought alone
  • based on a unique approach for weight loss
  • few customers behind it

If you're also curious about this product, let's take a closer look at it below.

Note: This review is based on my opinion + research on Thrive Patch For Weight Loss.

Review Summary

review thrive patch for weight lossFull Name: Thrive DFT by LE-VEL

Product Type: Weight Loss Patch

Best Actual Price: $160 (for 30 patches)

Cheapest Place To Buy: Its Official Website

Designed For: Supporting weight and appetite management.

My Rating: 4 out of 10

Recommended?: No – there are a lot of problems it has:

  • only works in some cases
  • quite expensive
  • not a lot of people who tried it in reality

If you really want to lose weight, go for a legit and much more effective supplement.

You will definitely get a way better effect for a lower price tag.


What I Liked About It

  • Very convenient and easy to use
  • Formula includes some herbal compounds
  • Promotes a unique approach for weight loss


What I Didn’t Like About It

  • Not an internal product (so its weight loss effect is weaker)
  • One patch won't be effective in most cases (you need to get the set)
  • Patches can't be bought alone on the official website
  • You need to buy the entire kit (patches + supplement + shake mix)
  • Pretty pricey compared to real supplements
  • Not many people who really tried it



Thrive Patch In A Nutshell

review thrive patch for weight lossHonestly – Thrive Patch has a unique way of helping you lose weight.

It's a patch that supports weight and appetite management.

In order to do this – several ingredients are infused into the product.

So its DFT mechanism allows the formula to penetrate through skin pores.

But there's another problem. 

The product is actually part of a set (supplement, shake mix and patches).

So you actually need to use them all together to see any changes in your weight.

The biggest problem is that you have to buy the entire set if you want any product from it.

Honestly, that's very frustrating.

But there's more to that:

  • you need to use the entire set to see any effect
  • its price is not justifiable
  • has very few reviews from real users

Obviously – the patch alone can't do a lot in terms of reducing excess fats.

But don't expect any miracles from the set either – because that won't be the case.

Now, the lowest price for the set is $160 (for 30 applications).

As you can see, it's pretty expensive compared to other weight loss supplements.

I personally would never spend that much money and time on such a product.

The fact that you can't buy any of the 3 products from the set separately tells a lot about its potential.

So why not go for a better alternative, since there is one?



#1 – Claims & Producer

I will first tell you the basic details you need to know about Thrive Patch:

  • the producer behind it
  • its mechanism of action
  • what weight issues it helps
1. Claims

Firstly – Thrive Patch has a DFT mechanism (Derma Fusion Technology).

So as you can see, it's a patch that you need to stick to your body.

And apparently, its delivery system will infuse the product's formula through the pores of the skin.

Now – there are two versions of the patches:

  • Thrive DFT
  • DFT: Ultra

But for this review, we will focus on the original one – which is the Thrive DFT.

Based on its website, here are its top benefits:

  • supports appetite management
  • helps with weight management
  • promotes nutritional support

review thrive patch for weight loss

Also – it claims to have a “fusion 2.0 technology”, which makes it bioavailable.

This special theology also makes the nutrition it provides to be easily absorbed by the body.

However – you can't buy the patch alone, since it's sold as a set consisting of:

  1. Capsule Supplement
  2. Shake Mix
  3. DFT Patch

So it's not possible to get the patches alone (even though that would be a lot cheaper).

Honestly – the product is pretty interesting, since it's not a typical weight loss supplement.

But I don't think the patches alone can help you burn fat and reduce weight.

They come in a set – which means they can't really work alone.

I personally don't have a lot of expectations from the set either.

But the patches aren't as impressive as they try to make them seem.

2. Company Behind

Thrive Patch For Weight Loss is produced by LE-VEL.

Its products are only available on its official website and official promoters.

So if you're curious, here's more info about the brand:

  • sells products for the skin, weight loss and overall wellness
  • promotes supplements, powdered drinks, patches and topical products
  • contact info includes email, mailing address, contact number and social media pages

Unfortunately, you can't find its products in online marketplaces like Amazon.

So if you want to get the legit version, go straight to its official website.



#2 – Ingredients (5 out of 10)

If you're curious, Thrive Patch does have its own formulation.

But don't expect to see any individual doses for each compound – as you would see in supplements.

Thrive Patch isn't a real supplement, so its composition shouldn't surprise you.

Overall – it has 2 types of substances inside it:

  • herbs and nutrients
  • trademark ingredients

Now – its 2 trademark compounds are ForsLean® and Cosmoperine®.

ForsLean® is derived from Coleus forskohlii plant and Cosmoperine® from Piper nigrum.

The common names of these plants are black pepper and forskohlii (mint family).

Anyway, I won't divide the ingredients in several categories, since none of them are considered active.

With that being said, let me list down the compounds in the formula:

  1. ForsLean® – helps mitigate weight gain in overweight people [1]
  2. Green Coffee Bean Extract – reduces weight and hip circumference [2]
  3. Garcinia Cambogia – supports weight loss and fat mass reduction
  4. CoQ10 – suppresses lipid accumulation [3]
  5. White Willow Bark – has anti-inflammatory properties
  6. Cosmoperine® – enhances metabolism and helps burn calories [4]
  7. Limonene – reduces weight gain and obesity
  8. Aloe Vera – boosts metabolism and has fat-burning effects
  9. L-Arginine – promotes body mass index reduction and has anti-obesity properties [5]

We can't deny that those ingredients have several benefits.

That especially when it comes to weight management.

But I don't think the formula can help too much, since it's used externally.

Yes – part of it will get absorbed, but not as much as if Thrive was a supplement.

Instead, it only works by infusing the ingredients through the skin pores.

So don't expect any weight loss miracles from this product alone.

If you want to see any effect, you should probably try the whole set.

So in the end, you would still have to take a supplement.

That's why I don't recommend using this set, because you can use other supplements that work alone (and cost a lot less).


Overall, I don't consider Thrive Patch as a top weight loss choice.

It's just an external product, so the formula's potency is pretty low.

I wouldn't expect too much from it, to tell you honestly.




#3 – Consistency & Dosage (7 out of 10)

Since Thrive Patch isn't a supplement, things will be a bit different here.

1. Consistency

Again – Thrive Patch is obviously a patch, as its name suggests.

So let me describe what it looks like:

  • square shape
  • thin and peel-off set-up
  • slight herbal scent
  • available in different designs and colors

If you're aware of typical stick-on patches, it looks pretty much the same.

2. Dosage

Now – Thrive Patch's instructions are easy to follow:

  1. Make sure to clean and dry the area of your body where you plan to stick it.
  2. Peel off the sticker of the patch and press it to the desired area.
  3. Leave the patch for up to 24 hours and replace it daily.
  4. Rotate the application in different areas every day or every other day.

Also – there's a tip that you should choose a lean area of your body.

I'm talking about the bicep, shoulder, inside the forearm or top part of the buttocks.

Lastly – as you know, the label recommends you to use it together with the other products in the set.

As you can see, the patch is disposable and can't be used more than once.

In my view – the product itself is easy to use.

But since you need to combine it with the other products, it's not that simple.

Regular weight loss supplements are a lot easier to use – and guess what?

Their effect is also much better (and faster).

So Thrive Patch doesn't impress me at this chapter either…



#4 – Results (4 out of 10)

Again – Thrive Patch is only available on its website.

So you only have few authentic reviews to feature in this chapter.

Note: I only analyzed authentic reviews, not promotional or fake ones.

1. What People Say

Unfortunately, I can only highlight the customer reviews listed on its website.

So you can't really tell if they are legit or biased.

I saw that the patches are available on some online marketplaces.

But I'm not sure they are the original ones or not.

So I will just list down for you what people say on its official website:

  1. A lot of them said that it helped them become healthier and more energetic.
  2. Others mentioned that it changed their life the moment they started using it.
  3. Some stated that they did not regret buying the whole set.
  4. The rest are just encouraging people to buy and try the product.

Honestly – there are no specific testimonies of the effect.

As you can see, everything sounds promotional and not too authentic (in my view).

So I don't trust the product – since there are no real user experiences that it worked.

Besides – it's just a patch…

So I don't expect that it will have the same effect as a weight loss supplement.


Overall – Thrive Patch has very limited customer reviews.

But even if I found some comments, they are not very specific and sound too promotional.

So I couldn't trust a product without any honest reviews.

I would advise you try a real weight loss supplement (for optimal results).




#5 – Side Effects (6 out of 10)

review thrive patch for weight lossWe already know that Thrive Patch has very few user reviews.

So there are no complaints about its side effects – not because it's completely safe, but because it lacks user feedback.

Usually, stick-on products have very low chances of causing side reactions.

But if you ask me, there could be some secondary reactions:

  • headaches (due to its scent)
  • skin irritations

Those who have sensitive skin can experience irritations or redness.

But other than that, I don't see any dangerous side effects this product can cause.

Also – since it's not an internal product, it's more tolerable.

Now, it could be safe to use – but it's also pretty weak.

So that's both an advantage, but it's also a downside. You can take that as you wish.

Just keep in mind not to expect a lot from the product that isn't a supplement.



#6 – Price (3 out of 10)

Honestly – Thrive Patches are quite pricey.

Also, they are not very easy to get on a normal basis.

1. The Exact Price

First of all, Thrive Patches are not available alone.

To be more specific, you can only get the patches if you buy the whole set.

It's called E60 Challenge and it includes supplements, shake mixes and patches.

So here are the available bundles on its website:

  • Half Pack costs $160
  • All-In Pack costs $320
  • Couples Pack costs $320
  • You can get 20% off with monthly auto-shipping

In order to buy the package, you need to make your account on their official website first.

Now – I found a product listing on an online marketplace offering only the patch.

So approximately, a month's supply (30 applications) costs around $45.

But still, I cannot sure it's the legit version or not.

If you ask me, it's really expensive for a non-internal product.

Also – you're pretty much forced to get the entire set for you to be able to try the patches.

It's a clear sign the products from that set don't sell too well, so they somehow force you to buy all.

This tells a lot about their weight loss potential.

So it's still better to invest in a real and more potent supplement.

2. Competitors’ Price

Let me give you a better alternative, it's called PhenQ.

The product is my #1 recommended weight loss supplement for good reasons:

  1. PhenQ is a legit supplement that focuses on burning fat and reducing excess weight.
  2. Its formula works in 5 different ways to help you lose weight.
  3. Thrive Patch is an external product that works through skin penetration.
  4. It is infused with several herbs and nutrients with some weight loss benefits.
  5. PhenQ requires only 2 capsules daily.
  6. Thrive Patch requires one patch daily to stick on the lean parts of the body.
  7. In order to see some results, you have to combine Thrive patch with several products from its set.
  8. Phen Q's price is $69 normally, but it can be bought for a discounted price of $37.
  9. Thrive Patch cannot be purchased alone and the lowest price bundle costs $160.

Of the 2 products, PhenQ is obviously the best investment.

Again – it's a supplement that works internally.

So it's more potent when it comes to weight loss, fat burning and everything.

Also, it's not sold in a set, so you only have to use the product itself.

In addition, it's more affordable despite its superior features.

Overall – I still think it's the most practical choice you can make.


To sum it up, Thrive Patch is not that affordable.

Firstly, that's because it's not available alone – so you need to purchase the set.

But even if it was available for a single purchase, I would still not recommend it.

Better spend your money on a real weight loss supplement.




#7 – Final Conclusions

Here are my major points on Thrive Patch.

1. Not An Internal Product

Honestly – Thrive Patch is an interesting product.

However, it's not an internal product so its effect isn't the strongest.

I'm mostly speaking in terms of managing weight and eliminating excess weight/fat.

So as a stand-alone maintenance, don't expect much from it.

2. Limited Reviews

Unfortunately, Thrive Patch doesn't have a lot of user experience.

I only saw some comments on its official website.

But the reviews are not very specific and sound promotional.

I don't really trust them, since I can't tell if they are written by real people or not.

Besides – I don't have a lot of expectations from this product.

3. Can't Be Bought Alone

Now – Thrive Patch is pretty pricey.

Again, you can only get the patch if you buy the whole set.

The lowest price of the package is $160 (30 patches).

But even if you can only get the patches, I would still say that it's not worth it.



My Verdict – Worth It Or Not?

review thrive patch for weight lossShort answer: No – it's not the best option (in my view):

  1. Its effect is rather weak (works externally)
  2. Only effective in certain cases, since it's just a patch
  3. Cannot be bought alone from its official website (you have to buy the set)
  4. More expensive than weight loss supplements
  5. No user feedback behind

Firstly – Thrive Patch has an interesting mechanism of action.

But it's just a patch that you need to stick to your skin.

So even if it's infused with some ingredients, don't expect a lot from it.

Also – you need to buy the set that it comes with, in order to get access to the patch.

If I were you, I would get an authentic weight loss supplement.

What I can recommend you is the top weight loss product I know.

It's a supplement called PhenQ:

  • Works extremely well for most cases of weight loss
  • Great price tag for its superior qualities
  • Easy to use and very tolerable

In my view, it's much better to invest in a real supplement.

PhenQ works internally, so its effect is a lot stronger.

Also – you can buy it at a reasonable price without getting other products with it.

So overall – it's still a smart and practical choice to get it instead.

best weight loss supplement



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