Top 7 Essential Oils For Nerve Pain Relief

Are your nerves getting on your nerves?

Is your nerve pain so intense that you can barely do the activities that you love?

Are you fed up with all the treatments that you tried and want to use some natural remedies?

Here are the top 7 essential oils for nerve pain relief that can help you.

Make sure that you give them a go and you will see effective results.

Note. This guide is based on my own research on nerve pain relief.

1. Lavender

Did you know that lavender is one of the most versatile flowers?

Actually, it can be used for more purposes.

So, it is found in many gardens because it has such a beautiful fragrance and vibrant colors.

However, lavender is also known as a medicinal herb and as an ingredient for many sweets.

For these reasons, it is included in many products like:

  • soaps
  • creams
  • cakes
  • cookies.

In addition, one of the most popular essential oils is lavender oil.

It is so good for many health problems, including nerve pain.

So, lavender oil is not just a beauty product, but also an effective treatment for you.

Why is so good for your problem? Well, let's have a look at its benefits:

  • has a relaxing effect
  • has anti-inflammatory properties
  • reduces pain [1]

How should you use it?

As you probably guessed, I recommend you try massaging your body with lavender oil.

Are you eager to put this remedy into practice?

Then, let's have a look at the instructions you need:

  1. First of all, you need to dilute lavender oil with a carrier oil.
  2. Examples of carrier oils are coconut oil, olive oil, and almond oil.
  3. So, add 3-4 drops of lavender oil to 20 drops of carrier oil.
  4. Massage gently the affected area with this mixture for 10 to 15 minutes.
  5. Let the oil soak into your skin.
  6.  Repeat the treatment every day for 3-4 weeks.

When should you expect a result?

Well, I'm sure that you are in a hurry. Your pain makes you feel uncomfortable, after all.

Yet, you need to be patient. A result should start appearing after 2 weeks.

It is not that long, is it?

When is the perfect time to massage your body with lavender oil?

Well, in the evening. That's because lavender oil has a mild sedative effect.

So, you will also sleep better if you choose to follow my advice.

Lavender oil has so many beneficial properties that you want to try it immediately, right?


Lavender oil is not only a great ingredient for beauty products – but also an effective remedy for pain.

That's because it can reduce nerve pain and calm your muscles.

So, make sure that you massage your body using diluted lavender oil.



2. Peppermint

Peppermint is another plant that is loved by many people.

Do you like its taste and smell? It is so refreshing, isn't it?

Like lavender, peppermint is used in various ways and it can be found in many gardens.

Many people prefer to add it to different recipes like:

  • lemonade
  • chocolate
  • cookies

However, peppermint or, better say, peppermint oil is an excellent remedy for your nerve pain. [2]

Do you want to know why is it so good for you? No?!

Then, let's see its benefits:

  • works as an antioxidant
  • has anti-inflammatory properties
  • reduces muscular spasm
  • soothes your pain

What? Did you think that peppermint oil is used for other health problems?

Its benefits show that it is a great remedy for your nerve pain.

Now, let's see how you should use it. It is pretty hard to guess, isn't it?

Of course, peppermint oil should be used for massage.

This should be an easy and relaxing task for you.

So, let's see the instructions:

  1. Peppermint oil should also be diluted with a carrier oil (olive, almond, coconut oil).
  2. So, add 3-4 drops of peppermint oil to 20 drops of carrier oil.
  3. Massage your body with the oil prepared for at least 10 minutes.
  4. Let the oil soak into your skin.

How often should you use this remedy?

Well, if you want and only if you want a good result, you should repeat it daily.

I know, this might be tiring, but it is worth it, I promise you.

You'll be so satisfied when you'll see the results, be sure of that.

Thus, make sure that you give peppermint oil a chance to prove what it can do.


Peppermint oil is another essential oil that you should definitely try.

It has anti-inflammatory properties and it can ease your nerve pain.

So, you can also massage the affected area with peppermint oil.



3. Ginger

Today we are talking only about amazing plants, right?

What comes first into your mind when you hear the word ginger?

For me, the first thing that comes to my mind is gingerbread. Surprisingly, right?

You probably thought that I would say a great remedy for flues or nausea.

I am a gingerbread lover, you must know that.

Ok, this is all about gingerbread for now. So, let's move on to our topic, nerve pain.

Is ginger an effective remedy for nerve pain? Sure it is.

Let's see why:

  • has an anti-inflammatory effect
  • can reduce nerve pain [3]

So ginger oil is definitely one of the best treatments for nerve pain relief.

How should you use it?

Like any other essential oil, ginger oil is used for massage.

Are there any specific recommendations?

Well, all you need to do is:

  1. Dilute the ginger oil with a carrier oil.
  2. I recommend you try coconut oil as a carrier oil.
  3. Mix 3-4 drops of ginger oil with 20 drops of carrier oil.
  4. Apply the mixture to the affected area and massage gently. 

How long should you massage your body with ginger oil?

Try to do that for at least 10 minutes

Should you go to a professional masseur?

That's up to you. If you choose this option, make sure that the masseur uses ginger oil for the massage.

In this way, you make sure that your nerve pain decreases.

If you prefer a home remedy, you can massage the affected area yourself.

Either way, you should have some satisfactory results.


Ginger is not only a great ingredient for different foods – but also a remedy for nerve pain.

Thanks to its properties, ginger oil can soothe your nerve pain.

Thus, make sure that you ask your masseur to use ginger oil or massage the affected area yourself. 



4. Holy Basil

You probably heard about basil, but what is holy basil?

Is there a difference between those two?

Actually, it is. Basil is the spice that is usually used for cooking while holy basil is a medicinal herb.

Of course, holy basil can also be used for cooking.

Actually, you can easily find it in Thai food because it has a spicy taste.

Beside this one, it has other benefits as well. Which are those?:

  • works as an antioxidant
  • has anti-inflammatory properties
  • can reduce nerve pain

These are the reasons why you should use holy basil oil for nerve pain relief.

So, are there any specific instructions?

Well, the instructions are similar to the other oils.

As I don't want to bore you, I'm going to try to summarize them:

  1. Use holy basil oil for massaging your body.
  2. Dilute the oil with a carrier oil (the same carrier oils).
  3. Mix the two oils together (the dosages are the same).
  4. Massage your body with the mixture and let the oil soak into your skin.

After you use this remedy, you should be able to see a difference.

However, you need to repeat the treatment daily if you want to have better results.

I assure you, it is worth the effort!

Who knows, maybe this oil is indeed holy.


Holy basil is different from classic basil because it is considered a medicinal herb.

The oil made from this plan is a great remedy for your nerve pain.

That's because it also has anti-inflammatory properties, so it can relieve your pain.



5. Chamomile

Chamomile is one of the oldest medicinal herbs known for its beneficial properties.

Actually, even ancient Egyptians used this herb for different health problems.

Today, chamomile is used to prepare different products even cosmetics.

So, the Egyptians had very good reasons to use chamomile.

What reasons do you have for using chamomile oil?

Well, let's find out its benefits:

  • reduces inflammation
  • eases your pain
  • calms your body

Actually, chamomile contains a compound called borneol.

This is the one responsible for all the benefits previously mentioned.

How can you use chamomile oil? Here you have two options:

  • topically (for massage)
  • added to your bath

Like any other essential oil, chamomile oil can be used for massage.

However, before you apply it to your skin you need to dilute it with a carrier oil.

Yes, it is the same well-known story.

What is the reason for that?

Well, if you don't dilute the essential oil with a carrier oil your skin might get irritated.

You don't want that, do you? So make sure that you follow my instructions accordingly.

What about the bath? What instructions do I have for that?:

  1. First of all, fill your bathtub with warm water.
  2. Add a small amount of essential oil (30 drops) to your bath.
  3. Relax for 15 minutes.
  4. Repeat the treatment.

This treatment will help you relax and therefore your nerves will calm as well.

I know, I said that there are two different options.

However, for better results, it is better to use both ways (bath and massage).

That's because taking a bath might not be enough.

So, make sure that you give chamomile oil a try and you'll see the difference!


Another well-known medicinal herb is chamomile, which is used for different health issues.

However, chamomile oil can reduce inflammation, so you should use it as well.

Thus, you can add it to your bath or use it for massaging the affected area.



6. Eucalyptus

Everyone had a cold at least once in a lifetime.

So, then you might know that eucalyptus is a good remedy for colds and coughing.

However, eucalyptus is not good only for colds and flues.

It is also an effective treatment for nerve pain.

As we are talking about essential oils, I will refer to the benefits of eucalyptus oil.

Thus, let's explore them a little bit:

  • eucalyptus oil has anti-inflammatory properties
  • has a natural warming ability
  • so it can soothe your nerve pain

How should you use it?

I know, I'm going to repeat myself, but this oil is also used for massage.

Like the other oils mentioned here, eucalyptus oils should be diluted with a carrier oil as well.

The dosages are the same, so I won't say them again.

However, I need to tell you some more details about eucalyptus oil.

Actually, this oil can be combined with other essential oils for better results.

Which are these essential oils?

  • lavender oil
  • rosemary oil
  • chamomile oil
  • yarrow oil

So, if you want, you can mix these oils together and prepare a personalized remedy for you.

In case you prefer to use eucalyptus oil alone, don't forget to dilute it with a carrier oil.

It is quite easy to use essential oils, isn't it?

Easy to use and effective, this remedy will help you ease your pain and enjoy your life.


Eucalyptus is a good remedy for colds and flues but also for nerve pain.

Actually, eucalyptus oil can also be used for massaging the painful area.

That's because it has a warming ability, so it can ease your nerve pain.



7. Tea Tree Oil

Last, but not least, tea tree oil is also on our list.

Actually, tea tree oil is usually used for treating fungus or acne.

That's because it has antibacterial properties, so it is an effective remedy for those problems.

However, these are not the only health problems that tea tree oil can treat.

It can also help you with your nerve pain.

That's because it has some very important benefits:

  • has anti-inflammatory benefits
  • can ease nerve pain
  • can reduce the symptoms of neuropathy

How can you use it?

Well, it should be used like the other oils mentioned here.

You need to dilute the oil with a carrier oil (olive, coconut, almond oil).

The dosages are the same:

  • 20 drops of carrier oil mixed
  • 3-4 drops of tea tree oil.

Apply the mixture to the affected and you should be able to see a difference in a couple of minutes.

Yet, don't forget to massage the area with those oils for about 10 minutes.

What? Did you think that applying the two oils to your skin is enough?

Of course, you can mix more oils together. 

A mix of lavender, geranium, eucalyptus, and tea tree oil might be even more efficient.

So, make sure that you use tea tree oil for massage and you will be able to reduce your nerve pain.


Tea tree oil is not only an effective remedy for fungus but also for nerve pain.

Its properties make it an excellent treatment for nerve pain and symptoms of neuropathy.

So, dilute it with a carrier oil and use it for massaging your body.



My Final Verdict

Have you experienced nerve pain lately?

Is your pain so worse that you can barely do the activities that you enjoy?

Here are some of the best essential oils for nerve pain relief:

  • Lavender
  • Peppermint
  • Ginger
  • Holy Basil

Use them properly and I'm sure that you will manage to ease your pain.

Why wait when you can try such accessible and effective remedies?

best joint     







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Last updated: February 16, 2023

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