Banaba Leaf For Diabetes – What’s The Fuss Behind It?

Let's talk about the benefits of Banaba Leaf for diabetes.

So what's the real fuss behind this herb?

Well – we will discuss some important info about it:

  • how exactly it works
  • what's its top version
  • its effects on diabetes
  • best product that contains this extract

So let's find out how Banaba can help you if you have diabetes.

Banaba Leaf For Diabetes (In A Nutshell)

Banaba is actually called Lagerstroemia speciosa.T

If you do your research about it, you will see that it's a common ingredient in a lot of diabetes/blood sugar supplements.

Well – there are several reasons why it's so helpful for this condition:

  • enhances the functions of insulin
  • promotes a better effect of diabetes medications
  • normalizes the levels of blood glucose

Now – these points aren't just claims, because there are several studies on Banaba.

Most of them are about the purest version, which is called GlucoHelp™.

This is actually a trademark version of Banaba, which was formulated for a better absorption and a stronger effect.

Well, this substance has many clinical trials to prove its effect on diabetes.

Its major anti-diabetic compounds are also highlighted (Corosolic acid and Ellagitannins).

So when added to a diabetes/blood sugar supplement, GlucoHelp™ will surely be effective.

Now – if you're looking for a product that truly helps diabetes, my recommendation would be Gluco Cleanse Tea.

It contains some amazing features for diabetes:

  • can be taken safely with your prescribed treatments
  • contains a unique mix of ingredients backed by studies
  • made from top herbal extracts known to manage blood sugar/diabetes
  • it also has Banaba and Cinnamon.

Overall, Gluco Cleanse Tea is totally different from most diabetes/blood sugar supplements.

In fact – it's probably best from the market in terms of treating diabetes.

So I'm encouraging you to invest in it (instead of any other product), because of its high-quality features.




What Is Banaba?

Scientific Name: Lagerstroemia speciosa

Common Names: Banaba, Crepe Myrtle, Pride of India, Bungor

Origin: Southeast Asia

Important Nutrients: Here are the essential nutrients this plant contains [1]:

  • antioxidants (phenols & flavonoids)
  • ellagitannins and ellagic acid
  • corosolic and gallic acids
  • quercetin and isoquercetin

Potential Health Benefits: Banaba is known to have different proprieties [2]:

  • anti-diabetic and antiobesity
  • anti-inflammatory and antioxidant
  • antiviral, antifungal and antibacterial
  • antifibrotic and analgesic
  • anticancer and antithrombotic

Suggested Dose: 32 to 48 mg daily for adults [3]

Common Product Formulation/s: You can find Banaba in different formulations available:

  • tablets and capsules
  • liquid extracts
  • tea and powder
  • cream and balm

Typical Price Range of Banaba Products: Between $8 to $125



Benefits Of Banaba

Many scientific studies have been performed in order to analyze the health benefits of Banaba.

Most of them are connected to diabetes, due to this herb's one primary anti-diabetic compound.

To be specific, it's called Corosolic acid (2α-hydroxyursoloic acid) [4].

It's a famous substance with the potential to lower high glucose levels.

With that, let's explain further below the major effects of Banaba Leaf on diabetes.



#1 – Lowers Blood Glucose Levels

Firstly – let's define what blood glucose level is.

It refers to the amount of sugar in the blood [5].

The best way to measure it is through a fasting blood sugar test.

Now – I will give you an idea about what each level indicates [6]:

  • 99 mg/dL or lower = Normal
  • 100 to 125 mg/dL = Prediabetes
  • 126 mg/dL or higher = Diabetes

As mentioned previously, Banaba Leaf contains Corosolic acid.

Several studies proved that it's very helpful for diabetes through its benefits:

  • lowers blood sugar levels
  • enhances glucose uptake [7]
  • inhibits alpha-glucosidase (the enzyme that digest carbs, which leads to higher glucose level) [8]
  • activates a protein that transports glucose from the blood to cells [9]

The other compounds that can help lower blood glucose levels are called ellagitannins and gallic acid.

So what will happen after getting a normal blood sugar level?

Well – here are the extra benefits you can reap from this herb:

  • reduces the chances of serious health problems [10]
  • decreases cravings and weight gain
  • prevents cardiovascular illnesses [11]
  • improves vision, kidney and livers
  • increases energy levels and focus
  • supports better skin and other body organs [12]

Overall – blood glucose has a very important role in one's health.

If it's not stabilized, it can lead to different complications, especially for people with diabetes.

The most promising diabetes supplements contains Banaba Leaf due to its anti-diabetic properties.

So make sure to look for that ingredient when considering a supplement (for diabetes).



#2 – Improves Insulin Resistance

Insulin resistance sounds quite complicated.

But I will simplify for you what it's really about [13]:

  • it happens when the cells in your muscles, liver and fat stop responding to insulin
  • in return, the glucose from your blood can't be easily utilized by those cells
  • so the pancreas secretes more insulin to get the blood sugar into the cells
  • but when the pancreas can't keep up with the required insulin, the blood sugar keeps on rising

Now – insulin resistance is one of the most common issues related to diabetes.

But if you're wondering how Banaba can help, I listed below its effects:

  • increases insulin sensitivity (the responsiveness of cells to insulin) [14]
  • promotes the transport of glucose into the cells from the blood
  • regulates carbohydrate and lipid metabolism
  • improves glucose metabolism because of its Corosolic acid content [15]

The opposite of insulin resistance is called insulin sensitivity.

So what does it mean when a person is insulin sensitive?

Well, that person only needs a small amount of insulin to lower high blood sugar levels.

Now – these are the consequences of insulin sensitivity:

  • promotes protein synthesis for better tissue health [16]
  • lowers the chance of developing diabetes
  • normalizes blood glucose levels [17]
  • breaks down fats and proteins properly
  • regulates the body's energy supply and micronutrient levels [18]
  • decreases symptoms of high blood sugar (such as fatigue and frequent urination) [19]

If you have diabetes, your goal is to achieve insulin sensitivity instead of insulin resistance.

The good thing about Banaba leaves is that they can help you with that goal.

Again – they are rich in Corosolic acid, which is a powerful compound to help you combat diabetes.



#3 – Enhances Diabetes Medication

There are two major types of diabetes – type 1 and type 2 [20].

Now – there are special medications needed in order to manage blood sugar.

So if you're curious, here are the most common diabetes medications [21]:

  • Metformin
  • Alpha-glucosidase inhibitors 
  • Gliclazide or Sulfonylureas
  • Insulin injections
  • Amylinomimetic injections

Now – most of these drugs help with insulin production.

Meanwhile, the other ones decrease and delay the storage of glucose in the organs.

So how can Banaba  enhance the effects of these medications?:

  • promotes the way your body utilizes the insulin supply from the pancreas and other medications
  • regulates HbA1C (the amount of blood sugar attached to hemoglobin) alongside Gliclazide [22]
  • supports alpha-glucosidase inhibitors in decreasing the absorption of carbohydrates [23]
  • helps amylinomimetic in suppressing excessive blood sugar elevation after a meal [24]

However – taking Banaba with other anti-diabetic drugs should be closely monitored.

The interactions might go wrong if the supplements are not taken cautiously.

One bad potential result is hypoglycemia [25].

Always remember that a very low blood sugar level is worse than a high blood sugar level.

Let's now take a look at the benefits of enhanced effects of anti-diabetic drugs [26]:

  • blood glucose level is better controlled
  • reduction in hypoglycemia
  • promotes weight loss
  • balances blood pressure
  • improves uric acid levels and lipid profiles
  • lowers the risk of cardiovascular diseases
  • stabilizes the release of insulin from the pancreas
  • enhances insulin sensitivity
  • reduces diabetes-related symptoms

Firstly – anti-diabetic medications are essential for people with diabetes.

But when combined with Banaba, the effects of those drugs would be more elevated.

So consider the supplementation of Banaba if you have diabetes (just take it with caution).




Best Form Of Banaba

Let's now discuss the best version of Banaba.

It's not all about the physical formulations of this plant.

To be specific, we're going to analyze the most effective form in terms of its chemical composition.

Like I said previously, GlucoHelp™ is the most potent version of Banaba Leaf [27]:

  • makes the clinically studied Banaba Leaf extract
  • standardized to 18% Corosolic acid
  • unique due to its key bioactive compounds (Corosolic acid and Ellagitannins)
  • directs the glucose transporter protein (GLUT4)
  • activates the cell membrane to absorb glucose into the cells
  • promotes more glucose uptake into the cell to reduce blood glucose level
  • fast acting and versatile in normalizing glycemic levels and supporting weight management

So how exactly does it work?

Again – GLUT4 is a transporter protein that moves glucose from the blood into the cells.

The GLUT4 migration is determined by insulin.

So in the case of insulin resistance, GLUT4 transporters don't respond well to insulin.

This results in elevated glucose levels in the blood, since it can't enter the cells.

Now – GlucoHelp™ can help activate GLUT4 and make it work effectively [28].

In addition, Corosolic acid focuses mostly on GLUT4 in skeletal muscle cells.

Meanwhile – Ellagitannins address the GLUT4 in fat cells.

So what are the proven benefits of GlucoHelp™?:

  • significantly lowers blood glucose levels
  • improves clinical symptoms of diabetes (thirstiness, cravings, weakness and drowsiness)
  • reduces post-prandial blood glucose levels
  • lowers fasting blood sugar levels

Overall, the best form of Banaba Leaf extract is GlucoHelp™.

It's because it has a well-researched delivery system and is backed by several clinical studies.

So in terms of its effectiveness, there are data to support it.



Best Product With Banaba

Finding the best product with Banaba Leaf might sound hard.

But there is one that makes the very best diabetes/blood sugar supplement.

The product I'm talking about is called Gluco Cleanse Tea.

Let me give you the important info that you might find helpful.

Name: Gluco Cleanse Tea by Gluco Cleanse

Best Actual Price: $69 (lowest price is $49/pack)

Cheapest Place To Buy: Its official website

Designed For: Addressing blood glucose-related issues:

  • promotes better insulin response
  • reduces symptoms of diabetes
  • boosts energy and metabolism

Why do I recommend it?: It has some superior features compared to other similar supplements:

  • contains Banaba and Cinnamon
  • includes other herbs that are helpful for diabetes
  • ingredients are potent, effective and very well tolerated
  • no reports of alarming adverse reactions (low risk)
  • overall formula is loaded with powerful ingredients to stabilize blood sugar levels
  • proven to work in a lot of users (over 90% of all cases)
  • effective in normalizing insulin functions and blood glucose levels
  • improves carbohydrate metabolism and daily energy levels
  • offers the best price tag out there

If you look closely at its formula, Gluco Cleanse Tea has the best composition.

Again, it has ingredients that are known to improve diabetes tremendously.

Overall, it's a the best diabetes/blood sugar supplement you can find right now.




My Verdict

Banaba Leaf is indeed very helpful for diabetes.

The reasons are listed below:

  • proven to lower blood sugar levels
  • makes diabetes medications more effective
  • promotes insulin sensitivity

Although the list looks very short, the points above are the most essential effects you could ever want.

Thatspecially if you are suffering from diabetes, prediabetes or elevated blood glucose levels.

The notable compounds that can be extracted from Banaba are Corosolic acid and Ellagitannins.

Now – Banaba leaves are readily available in different forms.

Based on several studies, it can address different problems related to blood sugar.

Not only that, but it comes with several clinical trials to prove its efficacy.

So with that, I recommend that you look for a product that contains it.

The diabetes/blood sugar supplement I can suggest is called Gluco Cleanse Tea.


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