3 Must-Have Home Items For Joint Pain


Arthritis pain can be very frustrating. But I have a small secret for you.

These 3 tools should make your pain a little more bearable – and those stiff days a little looser.

Here’s what I’m talking about.

1. Heating Pad

Heat is my #1 recommended therapy against stiffness.

It’s not that effective against pain, that’s true (cold works much better in this case).

But when it comes to stiffness – it can make wonders:

  • increases blood flow in the area
  • loosens up the joints
  • improves internal lubrication

The result? Joint stiffness decreases 2-3 times faster than normal.

Now – the easiest way to take advantage of heat’s proprieties is by using a heating pad:

  • works within minutes
  • really low price
  • easy to find in most online/local shops

There’s no certain brand I recommend, because they all have about the same effect.

Also – if you don’t own a heating pad yet, you can replace it with a rice bag/hot bottle.

They have the same effect, but they are harder to use in the long run:

  • take more time to heat up
  • cover a smaller surface

So I strongly advise you to get a heating pad, since the price tends to be very affordable.

On the long term, it’s a much better choice.


2. Copper Socks

For those of you dealing with hip, leg or feet pain – cooper socks a must-have:

  • improve blood flow and circulation
  • reduce stiffness frequency
  • increase long-term mobility
  • decrease chronic pain

Cooper itself is a stronger antifungal.

That’s why I strongly suggest going for socks made from this fabric (not another one).

I actually recommend them even for people who are otherwise healthy, but are forced to sit down for hours.

So when it comes to joint pain sufferers, their benefits are even more helpful.

Now – most cooper socks tend to have 2 main problems:

  1. Come as a one-size only (poor compression)
  2. Contain small amounts of cooper particles (poor effect)

That’s why I personally recommend going for some superior versions.

One of the best products I found are CooperZen Compression Socks:

  • designed with a special compression effect (CircuBoost Technology)
  • contain a higher quantity of cooper
  • more comfortable than most cooper socks
  • lots of satisfied reviews behind

Also – these exact socks are really affordable overall.

So I consider them an excellent choice (compared to most alternatives).

Still – it’s up to you what exact brand you choose, as long as their cooper socks are high-quality.


3. Cervical Pillow

If you’re dealing with back or neck pain, the type of pillow you use is crucial.

I know there are lots of brands that claim to have the best arthritis pillow.

But instead of trying out each – I prefer listening to research.

Therefore – the right pillow for arthritis should follow 3 criteria:

  • align the vertebrae in your neck
  • properly support the neck
  • have a firm built

After looking into most products – I believe cervical pillows are the best.

They are pretty much the only ones that follow these criteria.

Not to mention that they are specially designed for pain (their name says all).

Once again – I don’t necessarily recommend going for a certain brand:

  • no certain product that stands out
  • most have about the same features
  • prices are also in the same range

But instead of using a random pillow, I really advise you to switch to a cervical one.

It can make a big difference in your pain intensity, in the long run.